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04/26/200925 Comments
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c­oul­d­ get­. L­et­’s h­ope for­ t­h­e best­ of al­l­ possibl­e out­c­omes fr­om t­h­is d­umbass mar­ket­in­­g c­ampaign­­: a d­r­amat­ic­ upt­ic­k in­­ peopl­e get­t­in­­g t­oget­h­er­ for­ gr­oup sex. Y­ou

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  1. thisissierra says:

    Nice ringtone. lol

  2. ncalaiaro says:

    very funny

  3. dayknowsalchemy says:


  4. PeterOrszagCallMe says:

    Excellent! Congratulations.

  5. JonathanSwifty says:

    “Revolutionaries don’t cry, revolutionaries don’t cry..” LOL

  6. AriannaAzra says:

    lmao I love the part when he rips up the sign.

  7. jayboy60 says:

    Andy man — The Atlas Shrugged throwaway line at the end was brilliant! Keep kicking conservative butt.

  8. tomuch619 says:

    Dumb Fox and Fiends got message across, but no one know what it was, great video by the way

  9. ddavies5 says:

    So Atlas Shrugged is a gay book? Thanks for the warning! I almost read it!

  10. ScaryMara says:

    Love it, love you, love the message! Keep fighting the good fight.

  11. coverboySA says:

    I saw this on MSNBC and had to find it again, too hilarious!

  12. bronzy29 says:

    LMAO, too funny!

  13. thanks4tuningin says:

    omg I saw this on msnbc ands I had to come see your channel lol

  14. SailorBarsoom says:

    “I’ve got ‘Atlas Shrugged’ on Books on Tape…”


  15. bobhardball says:

    It so funny, I loved it.

  16. PlayerXT says:

    Conservative fail.

  17. dposse says:

    That was amazing. Keep up the great work!!!

  18. jgoedereis says:

    ROTFLMAO! It’s about how stupid the tea bagging idiots are.

  19. tiliatomentosa says:


  20. SteveAndIdiAmin says:

    I’m so inspired by this, that I’m going to start a chapter at my college, Texas A2M.

  21. annalembke says:

    Don’t be drinking coffee while you watch this. Learned the hard way. “Had we known this…” spelled doom for my keyboard.

  22. Bernadinesdx says:

    this is the best song ever… put it on my cell today, got it at complimentaryringer. com

  23. sisforshayla says:

    hehe! awesome work again!

  24. drinkthatcoffee says:

    NOM didn’t even register the domain name for 2m4m, and it’s a pro-same sex marriage site now. HAHA, take that NOM!

  25. Mel1334 says:

    Bravo! Lmao!

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