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Minecraft: SkyBlock Reloaded Ep. 4 – Dungeons and Diamonds

12/05/201125 Comments
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  1. TMscootering says:

    @alex0maringer lol where you been?

  2. xoxsoledadxox says:

    lol i love when you’re scared! it’s so funny

  3. Haddcore says:

    You sound so much like a younger George Carlin in this video

  4. alex0maringer says:

    1.0.0 <3

  5. paaatzh says:

    How can you miss that block of redstone? You walked passed it like 7 times..

  6. TheSupertrak says:

    Yeah J.E.R.K.’s (Junior.Educated.Rich.Kid) response to BruceWayne13515

  7. TheSupertrak says:

    Instead of toomanyitems (mod) toomanyspiders! ha! ha!ha!

  8. MyoJoZX says:

    And why did he talk like the joker from bat man

  9. MyoJoZX says:

    Surprise butt sex

  10. appplelove99 says:

    look sparkles look after your butt you only have one

  11. BruceWayne13515 says:

    Stop swearing, there are little kids who watch this and they will start swearing too!

  12. myplus18yearsaccount says:

    He missed red stone like 6 times xD But I forgive you cause you got surprise butt sex.

  13. kjnilsd says:

    Surprise buttsex made me giggle. It sounds odd when you swear :3 I don’t know why.

  14. Benchwarmer13 says:

    Get rid of the rotten flesh!…

  15. ivoonitay says:

    You’re a true inspiration, Cpt. Sparklez. I love all of your Minecraft videos and I hope you never stop making them because you are so informative about the game and you make me want to keep playing it! I also make Minecraft videos with commentary myself and I hope that anyone reading this comment will take a couple seconds to check out my channel and giving me some feedback. I want to know how I’m doing and how I can improve my videos. Thanks so much to anyone that does so! It means a lot!

  16. JoshuaJames604 says:

    @mitchel121996 really dude this is minecraft not skyrim. but skyrim is freakin awsome

  17. coolmanG6 says:

    Pro tip:hit Enderman at the feet so they cant teleport away. Try it.

  18. mitchel121996 says:

    I used to kill Enderman, then I took an arrow to the knee….

  19. ShroomMeltdown says:

    lmfao surprise butt secks.

  20. irishman123b says:

    Ninja mobs

  21. farges76 says:

    u cant shoot endermen genius.

  22. Analia98 says:

    One time I almost shot an Enderman with an arrow,but he didnt want to take to the knee

  23. CdrCactus says:

    I would be freaking my shit out if an Enderman teleported away from my arrow like that.

  24. AddictionToOblivion says:

    Endermen automatically teleport to the top level of the block they teleport too, so that way they dont accidentally suffocate themselfs. they wait there for a while then teleport behind you
    I think they like surprise buttsecks

    -Hope this helps someone

  25. PCdude1995 says:

    CaptainSparklez actually did an awesome vocal at 8:14! I don’t know why he’s ashamed of it

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